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You’ve mastered your craft. Helping individuals get the justice they deserve. So have we; helping law firms find more of said individuals to fight for.

Our process is pretty simple. And it starts with a 10 minute chat to see if we’d work well together.

why us?

Inbound Calls

Our success is measured in how many people in your city call your firm.  This allows you to work with us without spending time calling and following up on leads.

Red Hot

These people calling your office are SEARCHING for your services. They are cash-in-hand ready to become a client.

Local Clients

The people calling your office will be from your local area, no matter where in North America you are.

Our Goal is to


The one goal we have in our business is to grow our clients’ practices. This is why we never use long term-contracts, when you choose Legal Eagle Media, it’s in your best interest. We don’t need any scary contracts to keep our clients.


Of people use the internet to find a lawyer


of consumers visit a law firm's website to take action


of people seeking legal advice use a search engine


Of people researching legal topics visit YouTube during the process

Can Your Firm handle 100’s of unique, hot leads every month?

law firm marketing services Case Study

We recently worked with an attorney in a city of 12,000 people.

In three months, here’s our “Google Insights” screenshot letting us and our client know how many people discovered the firm in the previous 3 months, roughly 2,810 people…

In a town of 12,000. Think about the size of your target market and how much potential business you’re missing out on from Google after seeing those numbers.

Now keep in mind that we can’t take credit for all 2,810 people. The green bar was people that searched directly for their law firm, i.e. they searched Google specifically for their firm name.

The blue bar, or discovery segment, was consumers who turned to Google for market research. This segment of people searched Google for broad terms that applied to our client, as well as many other firms in the city.

This blue bar is what we take credit for, and it’s roughly 1,700 people. These people weren’t sure which law firm they were going to work with, but after turning to Google interacted with our client in some way.

The Process

We don’t want to leave you in the dark of how we do what we do. Here’s where marketing is headed in our ever-increasing digital world.


Firm Assessment

Our first step with determining if your firm will be our new client is to assess your current marketing strategy and marketing outlook for your specific situation. If we determine that an ROI is not possible, we will pleasantly inform you that we cannot move onto step 2.

Plan 4 Profit

Our next step (pending step 1) is to determine how our companies can work in harmony. This constitutes determining what opportunities are available to your firm, in terms of digital marketing, to grow your practice.

Come to a Decision

Once we’ve established the possibilities for your firm, we’ll put together a straightforward marketing proposal for your specific situation, including how much our per lead charge will be. From there, all we need is the green light to grow your firm & client base.

Immense Growth

After the first month, we’ll figure out how many leads we were able to generate your firm, and follow up to ensure the quality of the leads. Our professional relationship will then blossom into a bonafide partnership.

When you’d like to have a conversation about how Legal Eagle Media will grow your practice…

From The Owner

So one way or another you’ve stumbled upon Legal Eagle Media. My name’s Josiah Brown, and I live and breathe digital marketing.

After realizing the immense opportunity in digital marketing, which 95% of law firms are leaving on the table, I founded Legal Eagle Media.

Maybe after seeing this picture of me, you’re wondering how old I am. Valid question.

I’m 19 years old. I’ve grown up using technology, which is why I’m completely invested in learning about all things digital marketing.

I’ve been entrepreneurial since 14 years old. Starting Legal Eagle Media felt like the natural step.

No matter your story or situation, I’d love to meet and connect with you. Just head over to the “Contact Us” tab and fill out the form.

All the best,

Jo Brown

From the owner? That’s a little biased, how about…

From Our Clients

Every digital agency will make the claim that they’re the best. We’d rather let our clients do that for us.

Working with Josiah from Legal Eagle Media was a great experience! Before we started with Josiah our firm had virtually no presence online of any kind. He was quick to implement our suggestions, and made the process simple and easy. Thanks to his experience in search engine optimization, our law firm is now the number one result on Google in our City!

Our business has seen a significant increase in calls and inquiries. I would definitely recommend Josiah to anyone looking to fast track your firm to the top of the Google search results!

Scott D, J.D.

Josiah is extremely knowledgeable regarding the topic of search engine optimization and maximizing our online presence. Since working with Josiah we have seen an influx of people calling our office looking for legal services.

We are pleased to see that we are now the #1 result when people in our city are looking for a personal injury attorney. Deborah Y, Esq

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